Older People – a bonus not a burden 

'Older people - a bonus not a burden' showcases the views of Older People in 'doorstep interviews' filmed during 'lockdown', in the summer of 2020. 

Many Older People will tell you that although we may be a bit slower because of stiff joints we are still the same person we have always been inside - people who have worked hard in various occupations, raised families and lived busy, interesting and varied lives in society.

With this in mind, we ventured to counter the stereotyping of Older People as frail, weak and burdens by undertaking this filming project. We want to show that we may be very mature but we are still living worthwhile lives, working, volunteering and contributing to our communities whilst still having lots of fun. We are also sharing what we have learnt in our life experience to younger friends and our grand-children.

You can find the films On:

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/scotopa
Twitter https://twitter.com/Scotopa


Catalyst Top Tip Films

SOPA partnered with the University of Strathclyde's School of Psychological Sciences & Health on research into people's experience of change during national lockdown. A series of Top Tip films share insights into how people cope and maintain their wellbeing during lockdown.

The series of 6 films are available on the SOPA Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/watch/733902343336491/225165499175243

And the Actify website:


Your Issue, Your Voice

Your Issue, Your Voice is a series of information sheets which aims to support older people to have their say, with information on where and how to raise issues, along with tips from our members. The information sheets are available in this print-at-home version. If you would like hard copies, do drop us a line.

Information Sheet 1: Introduction

Information Sheet 2: Who to influence

Information Sheet 3: How to develop a campaign

Information Sheet 4: Ensuring your message is inclusive

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SOPA is grateful for funding received from the Scottish Government, National Lottery Awards for All and Tudor Trust.
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