2013 Assembly

edinburgh international conference centre 5th december

Click below to watch highlights of the morning.

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Streaming of 2013 Assembly by Beyongolia. 

Welcome by Liz O’Neill, Vice Chair

 "Grandparents as Kinship Carers" introduced by SOPA Coordinator Glenda Watt. This film is on YouTube.

 "Money Matters". A film of people expressing their concerns at Age Scotland’s Regional Assemblies, introduced by Age Scotland CEO Brian Sloan. See YouTube link below.

"Productive Citizenship". People at the Age Scotland Regional Assemblies talk to camera about the value of social contact and community engagement. See YouTube link below.

li o'neill at the podium at the 2013 assembly. "Active, Engaged and ……. Visible!" Liz O’Neill presents a lively and entertaining view which challenges stereotypical views of later life and promotes active engagement. 

"I want to be a grey panther, a silver fox. I want to be heard and listened to." 

Click here to read Liz O'Neill's presentation.

Click here to read Shona Robison's speech and answers to written questions by SOPA Committee members.


'Money Matters' - People talking about their pensions. 

'Productive Citizenship' - People talking about engagement with the community.

The above were filmed at 'Age Scotland' Regional Assemblies in 2013, and shown at the SOPA Assembly.


2013 SOPA REPORT: Introduction by Chair Tom Berney. 

Actions and developments from SOPA 2012; events of the 5th Assembly in December 2013;  SOPA Seminars in January and February 2014; and delegates views on the impact of welfare reforms.

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